Man Cave Cigar Lounge

Cave Rules

Man Cave Cigar Lounge
  • Women are welcome at any time. Kids are not.
  • Even if you're 17, you can't come in. No one under 18 admitted.
  • Free Cigar on your Birthday! Show your ID at the front desk. We'll choose the cigar.
  • Regarding outside Cigars: Child Please! Would you bring a steak with you to Morton's for them to fire on their grill? Do you bring beer to a bar?
  • No Outside Cigars please.
  • Majority rules the TV station. Cave Boss rules the volume control.
  • Private Room can be reserved in advance. Otherwise, first come first served. No squatters.
  • Hours of Operation are Noon to 9:00 everyday. I'll let you finish a cigar within reasonable time thereafter. I have a family at home too.
  • If you bother folks, you'll either get kicked out or shunned.
  • Kicked out is better. Keep it to a dull roar please. If you're in a bad mood, go home and come back tomorrow.
  • Loud, obnoxious bullies go build your own cave. Invite your friends there.
  • You can disagree without being disagreeable.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
  • No hot ashes in the trash cans. Camp fires are fun. Cave fires are bad.
  • Cash is King. All Credit Cards are accepted. No Credit. No Checks. There's a nice shiny ATM in the corner for your convenience.
  • Shoplifters will be expelled permanently and arrested too. The entire shop is being videotaped 24 hours a day. It's not worth it.
  • Rules are subject to change at owner's discretion.